About Shaun Scott

Meet Shaun, our newest addition to the team at Peter Lees Real Estate. With a diverse background in customer service, Shaun brings a wealth of experience and a passion for delivering exceptional client experiences.

Having previously worked in roles ranging from customer service to airport security, Shaun understands the importance of clear communication and attention to detail. His commitment to providing top-notch service is evident in every interaction he has with clients and colleagues alike.

Outside of work, Shaun enjoys spending time with his dogs, exploring new recipes in the kitchen, and cherishing moments with his family. His love for traveling has taken him to various destinations, enriching his perspective and adding depth to his experiences.

Shaun chose to join our team because of his familiarity with the company, having worked with Peter Lees Real Estate previously, and sees real estate as an exciting opportunity for growth and fulfilment. With his excellent communication skills, punctuality, and friendly demeanour, he is sure to make a positive impact in his role as our maintenance man.