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Smartre Property Management

Our Services

Our mission is to maximise your rental return, care for your property, and attract & retain the best tenants possible.

We know that Property Management is first and fore-most about people and relationships. That’s why communication and transparent operations are critical to all that we do. We want you as the Property Owner to be informed and kept up to date, likewise your tenant needs effective ways to communicate and clear expectations understood by all parties.

We’ve invested heavily in refining our operations and procedures to ensure that not only do we deliver a superior service with excellent communication, but that every aspect of the rental process is optimised for maximum return on your property – A smarter property management solution!

Finding the right property management agency can be challenging, but we're here to help make the process easier. At Peter Lees Real estate we're committed to providing you with an ethical and professional service that maximizes your investment returns while taking care of the day-to-day tasks of managing your property. We provide heart-led customer service, delivered by a professional and experienced team who are passionate about caring for you, your property, and your tenants.

Owning an investment property presents its unique set of challenges, but we've got you covered. Our proactive approach to property management ensures that we swiftly address any minor issues before they escalate. We maintain open and regular communication with you, ensuring you're always in the loop, free from unexpected surprises.

Launceston (or Launnie as it’s known to locals) in the North of Tasmania is not just where we do business; it's where we call home. Our dedicated team is made up of proud Launceston locals who live, work, and enjoy life right here in the Greater Launceston area. We’re in touch with the local property market and the community, providing you with expert insights into Northern Tasmania. If you're considering purchasing an investment in or around Launceston, the Tamar Valley or the North East, we can even assist you in finding your next property.

We value every client, whether you're a property owner or a tenant, and treat everyone with care and respect. Long-term quality tenants are key to a successful property investment. That's why we diligently screen every rental application we receive. And we recognise the importance of listening to tenants' concerns and treating them with respect, as this greatly impacts your long-term goals. We go the extra mile to ensure that our tenants are content and satisfied.


The right marketing is critical to attracting a quality tenant and justifying the property’s price-point. We like to get started on our marketing campaign as soon as possible. Our agency is highly skilled in the delivery of modern, professional marketing designed to capture the attention of the right tenants. Our job as your selected property management team is to attract, engage and contract the best tenant that will stay long term and reduce costs by avoiding the re-letting process.

Photography, Videography, Drone Footage and a Floor Plan design will be booked at your property with a member of our professional creative team and a clear and concise property description will be crafted highlighting the property’s features and benefits.

We’ll launch a social media campaign and your property will be featured on all major real estate portals as well as our own website. We’ll also market your property to our extensive list of prospective tenants.

The right tenant will not only ensure a regular income stream but will also look after your hard-earned investment property as though it were their own, reducing the need for maintenance and repairs. That’s why we take the tenant selection and retention process so seriously.


Regular Inspections

We conduct professional ingoing, outgoing and ongoing routine inspections throughout the tenancy. Each property is inspected by our team every three months. Experience tells us that this creates better tenancies and consistence maintenance which in turn leads to a superior experience for both you the property owner and the tenant.

You will have easy access to all inspection results as they’re captured digitally via photo’s, video’s (if applicable) and detailed written points with all information emailed directly to you and uploaded to our online portal, which you can access securely at any time.

Prospective Tenant Inspections

We conduct our prospective tenant inspections virtually with minimal to zero open homes.

Prospective tenants are invited to apply for your property online after viewing the property virtually. They upload all relevant documents and references and their application is processed and assessed by our team. All suitable applications will be presented to you, the property owner.

Once you have approved a tenancy application, the successful tenant will be invited to view the property in-person before signing the lease.

As dedicated property managers, we understand there are no shortcuts to locating the right tenant. We’re extremely thorough with our application process and look for tenants who provide well-prepared applications in addition to the standard checking procedures (references, tenant history, job history, income, etc).