About Kalie Tatchell

Kalie is our amazing ideas lady who has been with Peter Lees Real Estate since 2009. With a degree in Marketing, Kalie helps with our competitive edge in the real estate industry developing ideas for e-marketing, print media, radio, new campaigns and social media. Juggling 3 young children (all boys), part-time work and many other commitments Kalie still manages to live up to her full potential and succeed in her career.

Throughout her time at Peter Lees, Kalie has relished the opportunity to help grow the business and communicate the consistent message that the Peter Lees team are the most honest, client-focussed and hard-working professionals in the North of the State.

Kalie is a team player and is often arranging fun activities for her colleagues outside of work including her involvement and support towards our many fundraising events. Kalie’s background is firmly entrenched in marketing with a strong focus on strategy, communications and events. Kalie loves to travel and has done so extensively throughout Europe and would love to one day take her family to live overseas for 12 months to experience a different lifestyle and culture. With a family business most people would envy, Kalie and her husband own a local independent brewery - we love it when she brings product samples into the office!